Help needed on How to install Kaldin on Ubuntu Server 12.0.4 (./Start line 4: firefox: command not found)


Detailed instruction needed to install Kaldin Software.


I have been trying to install Kaldin Open Source exam but have been having lots of issues when installing.

I am using ubuntu 12.04 on a cloud server.

I followed the instruction when installing kaldin exam software and still get an erorr message everytime i try to start the kalding server.


I have installed apache tom cat and Jdk but still get this error message below.

./Start line 4: firefox: command not found



Please i need help.



asked Mar 23, 2014 by samson.olu (300 points)

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I think you don’t have firefox installed in your system or Firefox binaries are not in environment variables.

You can remove below line from Kaldin startup script to avoid this error.

1) Open "Start" in your favorite editor, Either Comment Or  Remove the below lines from the script.

Sleep 5
Firefox http://localhost:8080/kaldin/

2) Now execute this script again & hit "http://localhost:8080/kaldin/" in your browser. You will be redirected to Kaldin installation page.


answered Mar 24, 2014 by Sri (800 points)
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@sri thanks for your answer but i still get an error when i try to acces the server via an external web browser.


answered Mar 24, 2014 by samson.olu (300 points)
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Hi Samson,

From the above screenshot it seems that your CATALINA_HOME's PATH is configured to another tomcat directory. So Start is processing tomcat from another location instead of inbuilt tomcat.

You need to correct your CATALINA HOME by using below command.

$export CATALINA HOME=KALDIN-2.2DIR/kaldin

*replace KALDIN-2.2DIR with path where you unzipped kaldin folder.

Then start kaldin again.

In the other hand If you want to run tomcat with your existing tomcat. Please follow below instructions.

Copy kaldin directory from KALDIN-2.2_DIR/kaldin/webapps/ into your existing tomcat webapps.

Copy mysql-connector-java-x.x.x.jar & mail .jar from KALDIN-2.2_DIR/kaldin/lib/ into your existing tomcat's lib directory.

Then restart your tomcat.



answered Mar 25, 2014 by Sri (800 points)
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Thanks for your response. It worked but i keep getting this error message after i enter my correct database details.


I changed all folders and files in tom cat directory to 777 just to be sure it's not file permission issues but still getting teh same error message.


Would appreciate your support.



answered Mar 27, 2014 by samson.olu (300 points)
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1) Please ensure that the Username you have used here should have Create Permission Provided
2) Also Please make sure you have entered proper credentials over here.
Please let me know if you are still facing any problems.
answered Mar 27, 2014 by kaldinadmin (2,460 points)
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Thanks for the swift response but after i changed the mysql hostname from local host to the ip address of the machine i get this error message.




answered Mar 27, 2014 by samson.olu (300 points)
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It seems there is a problem with MySQL Settings, Might be MySql is listening  on your look-back address and not on other public Interface

Lets arrange Skype call with our Engineering Manager which would helps you to resolve the problem quickly.

Please send your email address or skype ID to for further assitance and update here as well.


answered Mar 28, 2014 by Sri (800 points)
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Thanks I sent an email and a request already
answered Mar 28, 2014 by samson.olu (300 points)
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I found the answer. If you are using your own installation of tomcat (not the builtin), then Kaldin will try to create a file called in /usr/share/tomcat6 (or whatever tomcat's home is on your system) but that location is read-only.

I did `touch /usr/share/tomcat6/ && chown tomcat6:tomcat6 /usr/share/tomcat6/` and that seems to have fixed it.

You also need to copy the mysql jar from webapps/kaldin/WEB-INF/lib into /usr/share/tomcat6/lib and restart Tomcat.
answered May 31, 2014 by mark.haase (190 points)
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Did you ever get this working? I'm having an identical problem.
answered May 31, 2014 by mark.haase (190 points)