Tomcat war file installation for advanced user


Tomcat .war for advanced User

1) Download latest war file from sourceforge.
2) Copy kaldin.war to your tomcat's webapps directory.
3) If you have autoDeploy=true in your server.xml. Then war file will automatically deploy in webapps.
4) Now you can access kaldin using http://localhost:port_no/kaldin
5) Now it will redirect you to installation page. Fill the correct information in the form & submit. It will create a new database in mysql & redirect you to Kaldin admin dashboard.
6) If you want to reinstall kaldin database. Stop tomcat then search for in home directory & delete it, then start tomcat again. Now access kaldin page it will redirect you to installation page.

asked Apr 16, 2013 by brion (600 points)

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